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1 81 At-Takwir 1 When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up;
إِذَا الشَّمْسُ كُوِّرَتْ
2 81 At-Takwir 2 When the stars fall, losing their lustre;
وَإِذَا النُّجُومُ انكَدَرَتْ
3 81 At-Takwir 3 When the mountains vanish (like a mirage);
وَإِذَا الْجِبَالُ سُيِّرَتْ
4 81 At-Takwir 4 When the she-camels, ten months with young, are left untended;
وَإِذَا الْعِشَارُ عُطِّلَتْ
5 81 At-Takwir 5 When the wild beasts are herded together (in the human habitations);
وَإِذَا الْوُحُوشُ حُشِرَتْ
6 81 At-Takwir 6 When the oceans boil over with a swell;
وَإِذَا الْبِحَارُ سُجِّرَتْ
7 81 At-Takwir 7 When the souls are sorted out, (being joined, like with like);
وَإِذَا النُّفُوسُ زُوِّجَتْ
8 81 At-Takwir 8 When the female (infant), buried alive, is questioned -
وَإِذَا الْمَوْؤُودَةُ سُئِلَتْ
9 81 At-Takwir 9 For what crime she was killed;
بِأَيِّ ذَنبٍ قُتِلَتْ
10 81 At-Takwir 10 When the scrolls are laid open;
وَإِذَا الصُّحُفُ نُشِرَتْ